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The Kangen Water machines we sell produce 5 types of medical grade water, ranging from 2.5 pH to 11.5 pH. With the 11.5 pH you can wash your clothes, shampoo your carpets, clean your fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. and it will replace pretty much every chemical cleaner in your house. The 8.5-9.5 pH Kangen Water is the healthiest water in the world that you can put in yourself and your families bodies. We also have various water filters that will deal with the type of water coming into your house.

Dolvett Quince- Trainer on NBC's "The Biggest Loser"
Dolvett Quince - Trainer on NBC's "The Biggest Loser"

The company that produces Kangen Water is a 39 year old Japanese company called Enagic (www.enagic.com). They have 23 offices all over the world with distributors in 86 countries. Water is a multi billion dollar business and Kangen Water is the healthiest water in the world for you to drink. If you have health issues or wealth issues this could be for you. If not, you may have a friend or family member that this amazing technology could help, please pass it on.  If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to contact me. 

Please call and speak to a representative so we can really explain and fine tune exactly what your needs are. And we'd be happy to give a FREE demonstration! Try the water, it will change your life! :)

Sean Lee at 323.937.2565 or email at info@kangenwater.me


Please watch this video to learn more about how you can make money selling Kangen machines.



Are you drinking toxic water???
Get healthy alkaline water right from your tap!

No more buying cases of bottled water!

Bottled water is 2000 times more expensive than tap water and in some cases it is actually tap water anyway!

Plastic bottles and caps don't biodegrade, they just break down into smaller and smaller pieces, down to the size of plankton, bite-size for fish and birds. The plastic enters our food chain and that leads to us, also killing the fish, birds and sea turtles who eat the plastic.

There is also a giant mass of plastic waste floating around in the Pacific Ocean!
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also described as the Pacific Trash Vortex link


       Did You Know That?

  • 900 deaths and 900,000 reported illnesses are attributed to tainted water annually.
  • Water stored in plastic bottled leaches phthalates from the plastic which disrupts normal production of hormones.
  • 25% of all bottled water is simply untreated tap water*
  • 33% of bottled water tested contained such high levels of synthetic organic chemicals, bacteria and arsenic that they violated industry standards*
  • The EPA has set "allowable levels" for 87 natural and synthetic contaminants, but thousands more go unregulated†
  • Chemicals used to treat water react with decaying vegetation producing by-products that have been linked with bladder and rectal cancers†
  • Your body is composed of of roughly 70 trillion cells which range from 76%-98% water, but most Americans are chronically dehydrated, leading to headache, arthritis, lethargy, constipation, insomnia, "brain fog" and more.
  • Drinking the right water is the single most important element to achieve and maintain optimal health.

American Journal of Nursing Tainted Water on Tap, Nov. 2005
*NDRC, Swimming in Sewage, Feb. 2004  Water may be the single most important element for achieving and maintaining optimal health.



You can achieve financial independence!

To buy your Kangen® Water Machine

and become a distributor...

Please contact Sean Lee at 323.937.2565

"Change Your Water, Change Your Life!"


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