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Below is a list of the different uses and PH levels
that KANGEN WATER® machines can make

Lower than 2.7
Ph 4.0 - Ph 6.5
Ph 7.0
Ph 8.0 - 9.5
Ph 11.0

Stronger Acidic Water
Not suitable as drinking water
Sanitary water / Disinfect & Clean

Acidic Water
Water for Beauty
For cleaning various things

Clean Water
Suitable for drinking
Water for security

Healthy Alkaline Water
Best for drinking
Eliminates acid waste

Strong Alkaline Water
Environment friendly water
Highest - ORP values

- Hand Sanitizer!
   - Put in spray bottle & mist on
- Washing hands
   - Wash, then rinse with Strong Acidic Water to disinfect
- Clean cuts & scrapes / skin - Spray on burns
- Soak feet to resolve fungal toenails & athlete's foot
- Dab on cold sores, pimples / skin
   - For bacteria & viruses
- Disinfect tooth brushes
- Brush teeth with
   - Garlic for 1 min to kill bacteria. Also provides safe bleaching of teeth. Rinse acid water off teeth when thru gargling and brushing
- Water acid - loving plants
   - Use 3 times during growing Season for growth & blossoms
- For cleaning foods
   -Keep water running as do it, to ensure continuous disinfection. Short time only
- To disinfect utensils, disc cloths, towels & containers
   - Use separate container when washing. Rinse & allow to dry thoroughly
- Washing metal objects
   - Wash with strong acidic water, then rinse with tap water - allow tap water to clean out drain.
- Spray on counters / surfaces
- Remove stains from clothes
- Use as insecticide

- Washing dishes
  -Come out sparkling clean
- Polishing
   - Mirrors, eyeglasses, glass objects, windows, & knife sharpeners
- Housecleaning
   - Hardwood floors, ceramic tiles / no sticky residue
- Add to bath water
   - Keeps tub free of bathtub rings. Bathing in this water warms the body & keeps skin beautiful
- Washing your face
   -Astringent properties for toning & firming your skin. Pat or spray skin & leave to dry. Use as toner after shaving
- Hair care
   - Use instead of rinse after shampoo. Reduces tangles + sheen
- Rinse cycle of your washing machine
   - Soaking in before spin cycle will Soften your clothes
- Pet care
   - Groom pet with it. Brush with acid water to obtain soft & shiny fur.
- Cooking beans
   -Speeds up cooking time
- Washing & preparing fruits & vegetables containing anthocyanins
   - Fruits & veggies with vibrant color
- In batter for fried foods
   - Will remain crispy, less oily
- Boil eggs
   - No leaking if crack, peel off easily
- Frozen foods
   - Spray with acidic water when freeze to maintain flavor
- Remove tannin from tea cups & cleaning burnt pots & pans
   - Leave to soak in water for 24 hours

- For taking medication

- Preparing Baby formula

Clean water has chlorine, rust, impurities, & lead removed.
Water will taste delicious and still have the needed minerals.

- Drinking water !

- Drink during meals
   - Assists in balancing the effects of acidic foods, e.g. meat, sugars, sodas, white flour & white rice.
- Drinking water for pets, animals
   - Less body odor of body, feces, & urine
- Add to soups, beans, rice, steam, stews, pasta, potatoes, etc.
   - Draw out natural flavors
- Blanch green vegetables
   - Preserve vibrant colors and enhances natural flavors
- Soak meats in
   - Soak 10-15 min., to drain off blood & reduce strong smells
- Soak fruits & vegetable in
   - Clean & revitalize
- Soak dried beans, seeds, nuts grains to speed up germination or cooking
- Water plants & flowers, sick plants - cut flowers in vase
   - Use on alkaline loving plants
- For dyeing fabrics
- With coffee, tea, green tea
   - Use less, plus enhance flavor

- Add 1 Tbs to dressings to keep oil emulsified

- Drink small amounts 45 minutes before meals to enhance digestion

- Soak dried beans, seeds, nuts, grains to speed up germination or cooking

- Soak meats in
   - Soak 10 - 15 min. to drain off blood & reduce strong smells. Great tenderizer !

- Soak fruits & vegetables in
   - Clean deeper & revitalize

- Emulsify oils for making soaps & lotions

- Lowers boiling point

- Mix with essential oil as a refreshing linen spray

- Soak clothes with grease spots

 - For dying dark fabrics

- Dish washing
   - Use less detergent
- Cleaning
   - Oil & grime from vents, kitchen floor, counters, dishes, cutting boards, knives
- Stains
   - Coffee, soy sauce & oils




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The company that produces Kangen Water is a 39 year old Japanese company called Enagic (www.enagic.com). They have 23 offices all over the world with distributors in 86 countries. Water is a multi billion dollar business and Kangen Water is the healthiest water in the world for you to drink. If you have health issues or wealth issues this could be for you. If not, you may have a friend or family member that this amazing technology could help, please pass it on.  If you have any questions at all don't hesitate to contact me. 

Sean Lee at 323.937.2565 or email at info@kangenwater.me

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